Different Gear, Still Speeding – Beady Eye (Album of the Week Y2011-W09 – Review)

Someone has got to give Liam a copy of Phonogram: Rue Britannia since he’s totally off point.

There was a time in my life in the middle of my high school escapade where I discovered a notorious zombie band called Oasis. This was a time when people were just discovering Wonderwall while I frantically searched Vintage Vinyl and records stores in college towns for the Oasis B-Sides, Live Performances, and UK Only Singles. Yes, “Live Forever” made me believe I can live forever and that I was listening to something ahead of its time. While utter rock star nonsense made them look like fools, I heard appealing music I could listen to and blast.

Actually, it was really just the right song at the right time when grunge made you believe in the MASH theme song. And looking back, there wasn’t really anything exhilarating about the band. In their simplest form, they were knock-offs of British Invasion nostalgia, but they were brilliant in that moment of time for the simple reason of getting me to listen and pay attention.

Which leads to the ultimate phrase “That Was Then”. If I ever wanted to feel that way again, I’ll pop in Definitely Maybe and throw on some “Slide Away”. So yeah, Liam is so FIFTEEN years ago. I really tried to give this album a chance but unfortunately the taste of the two masterpieces called Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory still linger and will never be replaced, let alone replicated. Any attempt to recapture the magic of the mid-90s is futile and only adds-to/devalues the Oasis legend. It’s time to rebrand, you blokes. Why would I give you guys a chance when (sad to say) the cast of Glee is breaking more “original” ground than your tired selves. I tried; I really tried to give Beady Eye a chance. But I wouldn’t pay top dollar even to hear them replay an Oasis diddy in concert.

2.5 (out of 5) Stars - SR3

Not that I digress, but…
The Top 10 Oasis Songs EVAH:
1. Live Forever
2. Talk Tonight
3. Slide Away
4. She’s Electric
5. Whatever
6. The Master Plan
7. Supersonic
8. Fuckin’ In The Bushes
9. Acquiesce
10. Rockin Chair