Angles – The Strokes (Album of the Week Y2011-W10 Review)

At first listen, you get the feeling that the sound is disjointed and lacks congruence. But when you realize this album was five years in the making, you can expect some rust and let the problems slide in the next listen.

While Albert Hammond is the mold that keeps the band’s sound in check, it’s Julian Casablanca’s vocals that actually sound out of place and displaces this album from any conjecture of being called a classic. Someday, parts of this album will be used as great samples for a producer’s new track. But right now, I can only see myself listen more into this album only if i felt I was missing something; despite my complaints, this is a good easy listen to appreciate. In the end, the Strokes right now are a talented band, but I’d be worried about their drive and desire to be altruistically a rock band.

3.5 Stars (out of 5) - SR3